The six largest importers of dried fruit in the world

The United States is the leading importer of dried fruits and nuts in the world, with imports reaching US $ 2.3 billion in 2016. The United States predominantly imports cashew nuts ( accounting for more than 50 % of all global cashew imports ), which do not grow in the country). The second-largest fruits and nuts importer is Germany, with an import total of US $ 2.1 billion in 2016. With US $ 1.1 billion in dried fruit and nut imports, Spain comes in as the fifth-largest importer worldwide. Asia’s largest re-exporter is Hong Kong ( China ), with US $ 1.5 billion in dried fruits and nuts imports in 2016. Hong Kong ( China ) mainly supplies the Asian and Middle East markets. India is a large consumer of dried fruits and nuts, with 2016 imports standing at US $ 1.2 billion. Viet Nam,...

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Women in the dried fruits and nuts value chain

Women are heavily involved in the Afghan dried fruits and nuts value chain. At the production level, they are often responsible for watering, weeding, pruning and harvesting in smallholder orchards. At the postharvest level, women in rural areas are often responsible for drying grapes, sorting them – if this activity is carried out at all – and packing them in sacks. In urban areas where most processing facilities are located, women work as wage labourers, primarily at the sorting stage. Few women are involved in wholesaling and trading activities at the village level, as a result of the culturally conservative views about the role of women in commercial activities outside the home. Considering the critical role of women in drying, sorting and packaging dried fruits and nuts, tailored...

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Information about Afghanistan's Almond

Almond Afghanistan The ten types of Afghan almonds have a high reputation, one of which is almond that is an importer of India and Pakistan, and is still exported to the United States, the largest importer of almonds. Samangan province is one of the most important provinces in almond farming in Afghanistan, where almond products have increased fourfold this year, of which only 40% were sold on the domestic market, the remaining 60% in the markets of India, Pakistan and UAE exported. The taste of Afghan almonds is better and more attractive than many almond producing countries. Khalam district (Takshorgan) is the only place where the almond trees are more popular, and a kind of almond called almonds is produced in a large proportion in the district of Balkh province. In 1992, two types ...

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