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Information about Afghanistan's Almond

Almond Afghanistan The ten types of Afghan almonds have a high reputation, one of which is almond that is an importer of India and Pakistan, and is still exported to the United States, the largest importer of almonds. Samangan province is one of the most important provinces in almond farming in Afghanistan, where almond products have increased fourfold this year, of which only 40% were sold on the domestic market, the remaining 60% in the markets of India, Pakistan and UAE exported. The taste of Afghan almonds is better and more attractive than many almond producing countries. Khalam district (Takshorgan) is the only place where the almond trees are more popular, and a kind of almond called almonds is produced in a large proportion in the district of Balkh province. In 1992, two types of transplanted seedlings (Nonpareil and Carmel) were transported to the country for the transplantation of almond trees from Afghanistan. After the implementation of the knitting and linking of new types, there were a number of new types in Kandahar and Zabul, in which many of these types Many gardens were created from these species in the provinces, but unfortunately, after the arrival of these trees, the yields of these trees were not as quality as the motherland of the overseas. The main reason for this is the lack of adequate nutrition for almond trees in Afghanistan Recently, two other types of almonds (Feredel and Ferregnes) from Europe have been brought to Afghanistan, one of the good advantages of which is its high yield.